Miami Magic Infusions 640g Aluminum N2O Cannister


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*New for 2024, ‘Miami Magic’ delivers among the best quality in cylinders and 9g blue cream chargers. New steel model that is lightweight. This stimulating new company is already an international hit, with a branding strategy based on the Miami lifestyle. Used to make a variety of drinks, cocktails, and foods, ranging from traditional whipped cream to quick flavor-infused cocktails! Try out our Miami Magic Infusions right away!

The Miami Magic Infusions Canisters are unique items developed to maximize efficiency and production. They are manufactured in the most advanced factory. Wastage is drastically reduced due to its greater size and time-saving refill technique (needs a regulator kit and converter hose, both available separately). With around 80 standard chargers per 1 cylinder, it beats conventional methods such as hand whipping and more sophisticated cream chargers.

0.95L / 640g Individually boxed
The listed price is for the canister only. The set of regulators is sold separately.
WARNING: Please dispose of only the empty canisters. We only provide 1 plastic release value to make sure the empty cylinders are disposed of completely.


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